Dealing with messes in industrial spaces has already been an issue for many, even before the global pandemic hit last year. Now, there is just more to deal with to ensure you and your workers are amenable to work in your industrial facility. Luckily, there are cleaning tips you can follow to avoid local virus transmission, occupational accidents, and other work inconveniences due to dirty surroundings. To ensure you go about this process properly, consider this guide’s insights for more manageable operations all year round. 

  • Know your COVID-19 cleaning products

Even as the vaccines are being administered to countless people worldwide, you and your co-workers should still remember to “Act like you have the virus.” In other words, you should not be complacent and still enforce proper hand hygiene, social distancing, and other COVID-19 guidelines. 

In the case of your industrial facility, you should be routinely cleaning, especially in closed areas, high-touch places, and workspaces with a confirmed employee that has the virus. This way, you can eliminate the harsh pathogens and stay safe. 

As an effective measure against COVID-19, ensure the cleaning products you use can indeed kill the virus. In particular, look for hard-surface disinfectants and hand sanitizers that have been certified by the Government of Canada

You can also hire experienced industrial cleaners from professional cleaning companies, giving you peace of mind since you know every trace of the coronavirus in your industrial space is eliminated. 

  • Implement “Clean as you go” in all departments

Your team should be handling operations within a favorable amount of time and open-air environment, so it means you may see litter around your premises accumulate over time since people are in a hurry to finish tasks. Because of this, workers are more likely to get into a physical altercation because of hazards. 

For example, a simple box that is unaccounted for in the middle of pathways can be a stumbling block for workers as they rush from location to location, leading them to trip over it and fall. Thus, it is best to enforce “Clean as you go” or CLAYGO in your place of work, whether it be in your office or out by the heavy machinery. This way, you can work efficiently and neatly. 

  • Take extra caution when cleaning from high places and other hazardous areas

Because industrial buildings are designed more elaborately than most modern-day corporate structures, you may have to expose yourself to cleaning in high places and other high-risk areas. For example, if you have windows that are near industrial chimneys, they are likely to get dirty over time, leading your workers to inhale harsh fumes. As such, you would turn to professional window cleaning services to help you, maintain utmost safety, and keep your work surroundings clean. 


Industrial cleaning may have its challenges, especially if you are not well-equipped to handle them. Fortunately, you have the practical knowledge needed based on the tips mentioned above. It is just a matter of developing your own cleaning plans and services to enforce orderliness and safety in your industrial facility. Meanwhile, if you feel you lack the expertise in this area, outsource them from professionals like us. 

Cleanrite Services can provide you with commercial and industrial janitorial solutions in Medicine Hat, allowing you to keep your workspace clutter-free and safe. We work efficiently to ensure peace of mind as you and your staff focus on your operations while we help you maintain cleanliness and order. 

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