With nature growing to its fullest potential, having your building’s surroundings covered with pretty flowers and lush trees might be something you’ve been looking forward to. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of work to be done, and we’re not talking about just your commercial activities. Rather, we’re talking about small issues like molds, leaks, and such your commercial property may have racked up throughout winter—some of which can lead to expensive fixes if not addressed right away! As such, spending the time during this warm season to catch and clean these issues is vital to keep your property in the best state possible.

Here are a few cleaning tips to prepare your commercial property for a season of success:

  1. Put your AC system to the test

Throughout the winter, your air conditioning system will have been left unused, sitting there until the warm season comes back around again. Although this might seem like an excellent time for your AC system to take some much-needed rest from keeping your property cool, an idle system is also incredibly susceptible to issues like dust buildup and mold growth! Not only will these problems hurt the AC’s efficiency once you start it again, but it can lead to health issues or even a complete breakdown of the entire system if left unchecked. 

To avoid any of these AC-related problems, you must test and clean the system before you fully run it once more. That way, it can pump out cool, clean air without the risk of breaking down or consuming more power than it should be! 

  1. Look around for problem areas

Apart from your AC being potentially damaged, there are many other areas of your property that may also be dealing with hidden problems. For instance, your commercial floor may be full of dirt, especially after the winter season. After all, during the winter, things like road salt, winter boots, and snow can damage the flooring.

Cleaning the floors thoroughly when the weather is warmer not only makes the whole process more efficient but eliminates any risk of bacterial and other growths taking hold. For convenience’s sake, working with a hired professional cleaning team will make your life easier to clean the floors thoroughly to maintain a safe and productive atmosphere! 

  1. Refresh your property’s exterior

Not only is the interior of your property in much need of some care, but the same can be said about the exterior, too. The winter has put your building’s outside under much stress, causing plenty of damage structurally and aesthetically. 

Plenty of cleaning and maintaining must be done to ensure your building looks great from the outside. Having professionals carry out activities like repainting the walls, cleaning the windows, spraying down the walkways, and more can help your building look the best it can be. Not only is this important to create a safe environment for your workers, but also to foster a welcoming site for clients and customers as well.


From the interior systems to your outside walls, your commercial building needs plenty of care and cleaning after the winter season. The cold may have brought along with it plenty of damages to your facilities—and it is up to you to catch these problems when the weather is warmer to fix them before it is too late. 

That being said, this task may be a little more than what you can deal with, simply because there may be so much to do along with running your business. As such, we highly recommend hiring cleaning professionals for the job. They will remove the burden of cleaning the commercial property for you, allowing you to focus on keeping your business afloat while your property receives the care it needs. 

Cleanrite Services is a licensed and insured commercial cleaning service in Medicine Hat, offering plenty of expertise in keeping commercial properties in the best state possible. Discover our services and give your commercial property the love and care it deserves! Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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