For a business to appear sharp in front of clients, it needs to have clean commercial floors. A great office instantly gives a sense of pride among employees, and flooring contributes a lot to that professional appeal. On top of boosting employee morale, it also reflects company credibility to gain the customer’s trust. Clean floors also help lower the chances of job-related injuries, such as slips, falls, and trips. 

If you have a business that you want to maintain spotlessly clean, we listed below three of the most useful tips for cleaning your commercial floors.

1.Know your type of floor

Choosing floor types should be based on the personality and nature of the company. By determining what kind of floor you have, you can apply the right process in cleaning them in the most efficient way. Before you can proceed to the actual cleaning process, you first need to know the surface you are dealing with. 

There are different types of commercial flooring—tile floors, vinyl floors, concrete floors, carpet floors, and hardwood floors. Among the types of floors, commercial vinyl flooring is the most widely used because it is extremely low maintenance. On the other hand, commercial carpet floors require more maintenance than vinyl, concrete, and vinyl composition tile. However, carpet floors can achieve more of the professional look that most companies look for. 

2.Removing stains with the right cleaner concentration

Most companies struggle with removing stains that remain visible despite regular cleaning. The best remedy is to find the right cleaner concentration to remove pesky stains off your floor. The more stubborn the dirt or stain, the more concentrated your cleaning solution should be. 

Concentrated cleaning solutions run the risk of dulling your floors. However, when it comes to stubborn stains, it is only necessary to apply a stronger solution. Try to mix two to four ounces of cleaner to a gallon of water to remove stains successfully.

3.Cleaning floors by stripping the wax

If you have commercial tile floors, you might encounter discoloration of the wax coating of the top surface of your tiles. You might end up with yellow stains on your tile floors despite trying your best to wipe or scrub the floor. Discoloration can make your office or establishment look worn down and unprofessional. To address this problem, you can try stripping off the wax on the tile with a concentrated cleaner and automatic scrubber. This will not only effectively remove the stains, but it will also make the cleaning process less time-consuming.


It may seem like a small and simple aspect in your business, but having clean commercial floors should be every company’s priority. You can achieve the spotlessly clean look for your office and establishment by following the steps we provided above. To help you with your floor maintenance, find a cleaning company that can offer the best floor care maintenance system that can cater to your cleaning requirements. A good-looking commercial floor will make your customers want to keep coming back for your products or services. Your employees will also walk into their office feeling great, which will highly improve their work productivity. Contact trusted and proven cleaning services today and see the impact of neat and clean floors.

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