It’s that time of the year—almost the year-end. The last few days of December can be overwhelming. You are pre-occupied with thoughts of holiday presents, what to prepare for Christmas, family gatherings, and sometimes you end up being sleep-deprived. While you are swamped with year-end reports and holiday gatherings, you tend to neglect one most important task you must do to enjoy a completely stress-free holiday break—cleaning up your workspace before the holiday break. 


Clean Workstation is Important for a Professional Image

In business, appearance is everything, and it doesn’t stop at the suit you are wearing or the tie you choose. A good image extends to your workstation and beyond. Often, we struggle with keeping our desk clean and organized, especially when we have deadlines to meet and tight schedules. However, neglecting to do this vital task can have its repercussions.

Benefits of a Clean Workstation

No matter how successful or high-ranking you are, when people see your workstation, all of that status quo gets forgotten. When people see your cluttered desk—office supplies, dirty paper cups, food wrappers, and papers all over—they don’t see about the high-profile case you won last week; instead, your messy desks are linked to your inability to accomplish a job. 

Here are some reasons that cleaning your desk is important for a productive new year ahead:


1.Increase Productivity

Experts agree that a functional and organized workspace is essential for having a productive and fulfilling work life. With a clean and clutter-free desk, you will be able to focus more and organize and process information. Research also shows that those with messy workspaces tend to get frustrated easily than those who have clean and organized stations.


2.Provide a Clean Start

A clean and organized workspace leads to innovative thinking. Cleaning your space before the break and coming to work seeing a clean workstation will keep you inspired to accomplish as many tasks as possible. It will be a place you will be more than happy to return to.


3.Establish Professional and Personal Image

Your desk is a reflection of you—both personally and professionally. A cluttered and disorganized station negatively impacts your whole image. It will make your co-workers or client question your ability to be attentive to details. Professional and successful people take pride in what they do—and this translates to how you organize your workspace. Remember, clean space makes it easier for you to be efficient, finding things you need easily, finishing tasks on schedule. Clients or your superiors see your organization (or lack thereof) as a reflection of you, how you work, your professionalism, and your seriousness at work.

4.Set Up Healthy Habits for a Better Tomorrow

When you form habits, they are hardwired to your brain, and it’s difficult to break them. Once formed, they become our most powerful and stable behaviours. Making small steps towards keeping your desk clean and organized before the new year will go a long way. You can start by making sure that your emails are filtered and cleaned every day and that you clean your desk before you leave the office after work. 

Before the long holiday break, do a spring cleaning. That way, you will have nothing to worry about as you celebrate Christmas and New Year with family and friends. As a bonus, you get to return to a spotless desk, making you feel more energized to start the new year right.

Cleaning up your workspace goes beyond being productive for the new year—it reflects you and your work ethics. Start forming the habit now and avoid negative consequences.

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