It takes a lot of work to keep an office space looking spic and span. This is why many offices are ditching the effort to clean their buildings on their own and hiring \commercial cleaning services to do the task for them. However, there are many misconceptions about janitorial services that you need to be mindful of. This article is meant to eliminate the confusion and clear the air about commercial cleaning services.

Debunked Myths About Commercial Cleaning Companies

If you intend to hire a cleaning company but are hesitant because of something you may have heard, there is a chance you have simply been fed a commercial cleaning myth. Let us help you get the facts straight so you can make an informed decision about hiring a cleaning company for your office.

1 – Employees Can Do the Cleaning Themselves

Many employers think that a commercial cleaning company is not needed because of the wrong notion that employees can do the cleaning themselves. While this may be true to some extent, putting the extra unnecessary burden on your employees to clean up after themselves, on top of their daily responsibilities, will probably stress them out. This stress may contribute to them not being able to do their jobs well.

2 – Office Cleanliness Does Not Affect Employee Morale

Another common misconception is that office workers’ morale is not affected by the cleanliness of their surroundings. This is false because dingy, dusty, and dirty office spaces will negatively affect their health and demotivate them to do their work properly.

3 – Hiring a Cleaning Service Is Too Expensive

Employers think that hiring a commercial cleaning company is a waste of money. They do not realize that hiring a cleaning company is a good investment that will positively affect everyone in the building. Moreover, commercial cleaning companies offer reasonable rates depending on the cleaning jobs you will have them do for you.

4 – Cleaning Companies Only Need to Be Called If the Building Is Extremely Dirty

This myth can also be debunked because a company does not need to wait until their building reaches a certain level of dirtiness before calling a cleaning company. No matter how small or large the cleaning task, whether that be carpet cleaning or simply taking out the garbage, a cleaning company will be willing to help a company with it.


Keeping the workplace clean is essential for the health of the people inside your building, and it may also boost employee morale. You may have been one of the people who believed in some of these myths, but now you know how valuable commercial cleaning services are.

One of the best things about hiring a commercial cleaning team is that your employees will be able to concentrate on doing their jobs. They will no longer need to stress about getting rid of their trash and cleaning up the coffee they spilled during their breaks. The commercial cleaners will be the ones to take care of all of those and leave your employees to do what they do best. 

If you now realize the importance of hiring a commercial cleaning company and are now looking for a reliable team to get your office cleaned, call Cleanrite Services to do the job! We offer all types of commercial cleaning services in the Medicine Hat area. If you want to increase your workers’ productivity and have neat and tidy surroundings in your office, give us a call!

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