If there’s one place you shouldn’t neglect, it’s the restroom. Have you ever used a public restroom with toilets that release an unpleasant odour, smeared mirrors, and floors covered with footprints and trash? It’s downright sickening!

Bacteria in high-traffic places like bathrooms spread like wildfire! It won’t just cause a stomach-churning experience to anyone who uses it, but it also proves to be a safety hazard as well. As such, it is vital to maintain these areas on a regular basis in order to avoid odours and uncleanliness. 

Here are five ideas for maintaining clean public restrooms:

Idea #1: Maintain a Log

Regular restroom cleaning may be determined by the number of people who use your establishment. Additionally, your business operation hours may also account for your cleaning schedule during the week. 

You may be certain that the cleanliness of your restroom meets your requirements if you keep note of each task and the day it is performed. There will be no dispute about whether some surfaces were missed or certain responsibilities were neglected! 

When it comes to using a log or a checklist, make it a habit. It will help you and your team in the long run.

Idea #2: Use Environmentally-Safe Products

Find cleaning solutions that can tackle the most demanding chores while avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals. 

Many cleaning products include toxic substances that have been linked to cancer. As such, choose a cleaning crew that exclusively utilizes green products to protect your employees from harmful chemicals. They are less harmful to the environment and do not emit carcinogenic substances that many traditional cleaning solutions are infamous for.

Idea #3: Don’t Dip Your Standards

High standards are everything when it comes to restrooms, whether for your business or your office. This is because they leave a long-lasting impact on those who use them! 

A sloppy restroom with a strong odor will turn people off. On the other hand, a spotless bathroom with glistening surfaces, polished mirrors, and a pleasant aroma can enhance your company’s image and boost employee morale. So, ensure that essentials, such as soap dispensers, paper towels, and toilet paper, are always available—it’ll improve everyone’s mood in the long run!

Idea #4: Avoid Cross-contamination At All Costs

On a busy day, restrooms encounter a wide range of guests, making it more critical to avoid the transmission of pathogens. Cross-contamination occurs easily with door handles, sink faucets, and toilet seats that are not thoroughly cleaned. Given that, surface area cleaners, including wipes, brushes, and mops, should be sterilized in between usage.

Idea #5: Require Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Keeping your cleaners virus-free will consequently decrease healthy or safety risks for your employees or customers. 

When cleaning toilets, your janitorial crew should wear PPE to protect themselves against illnesses. So, provide your cleaners daily PPE such as gloves and masks and require daily use when they’re on duty.


Without proper care, standards, and attention to detail, severe consequences can come out of failing to regularly clean and disinfect public restrooms. So, be wary of offering bathrooms to your employees or customers if you’re not able to promote cleanliness! Walk the talk, show up, and inspire public restroom users to clean up after themselves as well.

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