Productivity and efficiency go hand in hand with one another, which is why it’s imperative that your workspace is kept clean and well-organized at all times. Not only can a dirty office affect your productivity and decrease your willingness to work, but not having a system to keep everything accessible can also be a waste of time. Therefore, you need to have a cleaning system for your office to ensure that everything is always neat and sanitized. With that said, here are five tips to help you keep your office clean:

1. Know your office clean requirements

Each office has its own needs and requirements. It’s important for you to figure out your unique office needs prior to putting a cleaning plan in place. This will give you a sense of direction and priority so that you can manage your time and energy to ensure that the results are as desirable as possible. For example, if your employees have to move around from floor to floor all day long, you need to make sure that the stairs, elevators, and hallways are cleaned first. On the other hand, if everybody sits at their desks for the majority of the day, you may need to focus on the cubicle areas. Aside from that, the necessities such as bathrooms, kitchen, and break rooms are locations that you will always have to keep in mind. Consider meeting with your employees and asking for input in order to get a better idea of what your office priorities should be.

Once you have a list of ideas prepared, you can make a checklist so you can focus on the priorities and get the most urgent items completed as quickly and effectively as possible.

2. Use quality tools and cleaning products

Another vital element of the office cleaning process is the equipment and cleaning products. You have to be aware of the effects that your cleaning products may have on the health of your employees so that you don’t put yourself or anyone else at risk of breathing in the dangerous fumes. Cleaning products that include ammonia, for instance, will leave behind a sharp, sour smell for up to a week. This isn’t healthy for you or your employees. Aside from worrying about the ingredients, you need to remember to use the right cleaning products for the surface you’re working with. This is to avoid the damaging of any office appliances and furniture. You wouldn’t want to accidentally ruin the leather couch in the conference room with a corrosive cleaning product.

It’s important to learn about the types of tools and cleaning product required for a specific cleaning job to keep the furniture and appliances in the best condition possible.

3. Maintain a fixed cleaning schedule

It’s best to maintain a fixed schedule for when the cleaning is to be done. You don’t want to surprise your employees by having them walk in one day, only to hear the vacuum cleaner vrooming about all day long. Make sure that you schedule the times when cleaning is to be done in advance and keep to that schedule. This way, everybody can prepare themselves accordingly.

4. Follow the instructions on your product

Many cleaning products come with cleaning tips on the side of the bottle. Most of the time, they will offer excellent advice that will help you make the most of the tools and products you’re using. You should read the instructions to know how to use the products properly to ensure that you get the best results.

5. Work with an office clean professional

When it comes to cleaning, there’s really no contest between the amateurs and the pros. The latter can get the job done much more quickly and effectively will ensuring a consistent outcome. They know exactly what to do with each type of surface and have been trained to organize an office cleaning schedule according to your needs. Moreover, it’s easy to talk to them to specify everything that needs to be done with the office. For example, if you want the shelves to be organized a certain way, simply write a note to the cleaning service to make sure that they get the job done according to your preferences.

You may think that hiring a professional cleaning service is not worth the money. However, when you consider the quality of service and the saved time, it may save more money than if you were to do it yourself.

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