The mind can be pretty messy sometimes, and it doesn’t help when the environment is equally messy. When we’re busy and stressed at work, the state of our workspaces often gets neglected. After all, who has time to do some office cleaning when deadlines are piling up?

Sure, it’s easy to shrug it off when things get a little hectic. But have you ever thought that the mess could be affecting more than just your ability to maneuver around your desk?

A lot of the time, our physical environment negatively affects our mental state. And conversely, a healthy and positive environment could help us improve and grow. You might not realize it, but the physical state of your workspace could very well be affecting your mental health.

Why Cluttered Spaces Often Lead to Cluttered Minds

  • Finding Something Takes Time

Picture a messy desk. There are papers and various documents strewn about. Everything seems out of place, and you don’t know where anything is. 

Now, how does this make you feel? This chaos often makes people feel stressed or anxious. If you’re the one working on that desk, how are you supposed to know where everything is? You’ll probably find yourself frantically looking everywhere for that one document. Or perhaps, you need to scribble something down quickly but can’t find a pen to save your life. 

  • It Makes You Distracted

An unorganized desk can give you additional and unnecessary problems. With so many things around, it’ll definitely be hard to focus. Instead of working, you’ll find yourself moving things around or getting distracted by something else on your desk. 

  • It Feels Overwhelming

Additionally, a messy workspace could become quite overwhelming. One look at it, and you wouldn’t know where to start. You haven’t begun working yet, and already you’re feeling tired, frustrated, or stressed. You already have a lot on your mind, but now you have yet another thing to worry about.

How to Keep Your Workspace Clutter-Free

Alternatively, when we do a bit of office cleaning, we find our mood improves. It’s like ticking one thing off our to-do list. It has that satisfaction that also motivates us to do more and start working. When we see our once-messy desk look all clean, it feels like a fresh start. 

It’s normal to have our minds be a little messy sometimes. And a lot of the time, it’s outside our control. But there are things we can do to help keep the mess a little more manageable. And one such thing is to focus on what we can control. In this particular case, it’s our workspace

  • Eliminate Distractions

It’s best to strip your work surface down to the essentials. This prevents clutter from accumulating and messing up your flow. It’ll also stop your eye from wandering around or your hand from grabbing that random knickknack to play with. Keep the things you always use in a hand’s reach and store the rest in drawers or storage boxes. 

  • Do Some Office Cleaning

Don’t just rely on the janitorial staff to keep your area clean. Of course, they do a fantastic job at keeping the floors and communal areas clean. But, out of respect for your personal space and belongings, they usually don’t touch your desks. It’s your responsibility to do some office cleaning and keep your workspace in tiptop shape. 

This doesn’t just mean tidying up, but also wiping down surfaces clean and disinfecting them. Don’t worry; there are affordable office cleaning services and solutions you can look into.

  • Use a System That Works for You

Tidying up won’t make a difference if you just keep making a mess later on. Develop a system that works for you. There should be a home for everything, and everything should be in its home. Make sure to return things where they’re meant to be and make cleaning a habit.

Final Thoughts

Living clutter-free can really help boost your mood and keep your mental health in a good state. Don’t wait until it’s too late to do the dirty work. Make office cleaning a part of your workday. 

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