Maintaining a clean workplace is important if you want to keep those customers coming in. There are times that no matter how much you clean your office, bad odors would still linger. Open windows and exhaust fans can only do so much toward getting rid of bad smells—they will only hide them, and mostly for a short period of time only.

Bad odors, if not taken care of, could lead to lost business. Most often, they are usually caused by the emerging presence of bacteria left behind to linger and breed through either inadequate or infrequent commercial cleaning service methods, and sometimes, by both. Restrooms and breakrooms are two of the common spaces in the building where foul smells are more prevalent than others.

They can be masked, but freshening the air is only temporary and could make matters worse. When these air fresheners combine with the existing smell, it could result in an even nastier scent. 

Here are some ways how you can eliminate bad odor in your building:


  1. Get to the source

A problem will not be solved if the cause is not identified and fixed. An effective odor removal involves identifying the source and eliminating it. If you have mildew, an animal carcass, or mould inhabiting your chimney, scented candles, and air fresheners will not permanently remove the stench. Fixing the real problem is the true solution to bad smell.

  • Air conditioning and air filtration

Invest in a ductless cooling and heating system with a multi-stage filter that traps grainy matter and the impurities on the microbial level. Most of the foul odors are caused by airborne contaminants that can only be removed through deodorizing filters that make use of natural products, such as enzymes or catechin, to target odor molecules. 

Advanced heating and cooling systems now incorporate nanotechnology to contain these contaminants on an atomic level. They also constantly circulate air, so besides filtration, your business building could also get continuous circulation, which gets rid of moisture buildup and stagnant air.

  • Be vigilant and proactive

Developing a regular cleaning schedule is important to make sure that bacteria will have no chance to breed on any space in your building. Communicate with your employees and educate them to be proactive when it comes to proper cleaning and maintenance in the workplace. 

Setting a regular schedule helps to improve consistency throughout the whole building and lets cleaning agents and fragrances create a harmonious setting scheme. Common areas, like in the breakroom, should have sanitizing gel or wipes available for a quick cleanup. To keep odors at bay within your workplace, take out the trash on a regular basis, disinfect fixtures, wipe down counters to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and keep a visibly clean and safe environment.

Environmental factors, combined with mildew and mould from rotten food or dirty everyday use areas, such as the fridge and microwave, can cause stubborn, persistent, and bad odors that can make it hard for everyone to concentrate on work and unattractive to potential clients and customers.

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company in Medicine Hat is one of the most effective ways to thoroughly and permanently remove the nasty smell in your office. For nasty odors that just won’t go away, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help. For more information on how a routine cleaning schedule can be great for business please visit the link; 3 Reasons To Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company

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