Finding a great commercial cleaning company to keep your building spotless is a challenge. With several providers in Medicine Hat and nearby areas, how will you separate the good from the great?

While doing your research and reading reviews is invaluable, you must know what you’re looking for if you want the best. Here are three qualities that your professional cleaner must possess to assure you of satisfying service:

QUALITY #1: Extensive experience

It’s not enough to look at the number of years a prospective cleaning company has been in business. Instead, find out if they have cleaned for a client in the same industry and if they have experience cleaning commercial buildings. That way, you can be sure that they’ll know what to do and be efficient in the cleaning process, making it easier for your work processes to proceed undisturbed.

// Why Cleanrite?

We are a Medicine Hat-based insured and licensed commercial cleaning company that has been operating for close to three decades. Not only do we offer a vast array of cleaning services for your specific needs, but we ensure every task is done well. Our staff has a combined century of cleaning and business management experience. As the leading cleaning company in the Medicine Hat market, we use tested procedures and policies to complete every cleaning request.

Another major advantage of Cleanrite is that our staff members have undergone extensive training to familiarise themselves of the security policies and cleaning procedures of commercial buildings. They hold themselves to high standards and fulfill their job with integrity and dedication. Aside from undergoing Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System training, our team members also take First Aid training to learn how to address any physical hazards.

QUALITY #2: Reliable consistency

The best cleaning companies perform every task with utmost excellence, regardless of how small or spacious the space requiring cleaning is. Likewise, they must maintain the same quality of work regardless of which cleaner is sent to your facility. One important thing to remember here is that a commercial cleaning company that has cleaned for the same client for years is a benchmark of dependability and consistency.

// Why Cleanrite?

Institutions within the Medicine Hat area rave about Cleanrite’s Quality Control Program because it enhances their service at no additional cost. Since dealing with complaints about poor service is a waste of time and resources, our quality control managers assess the locations that cleaners have recently visited to review the level of cleanliness and ensure that client requests are met.

QUALITY #3: Proper preparation

Proper preparation is truly the key to success. It’s vital to ensure your commercial cleaning company uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure proper cleaning of your building. You can ask questions about equipment before hiring a cleaning service to keep your space spotless. If what they have is bare-bones equipment or they are not aware of what you are requesting, it may be better to look for another cleaning company because you may not be satisfied with the work they perform.

// Why Cleanrite?

At Cleanrite, we pride ourselves on offering task-appropriate chemicals and supplies to keep your office sanitized and environmentally safe. Our cleaners are trained to care about your workplace by using their cleaning equipment delicately and providing flexible cleaning schedules to suit your needs.


Businesses and property owners in Medicine Hat, AB, need not look beyond Cleanrite if they seek a trustworthy commercial cleaning company. Aside from satisfying these qualities, our cleaners also meet Alberta Workplace Health and Safety standards to keep your property safe from contamination. Visit the Cleanrite website now to request a quote or book a cleaning service.

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