Any commercial or industrial space can benefit from clean surroundings. It is always more pleasant to meet with clients, crunch numbers, or transact in a well-kept office. Clean offices are also essential in keeping a workforce healthy—excessive dust leads to respiratory ailments, and bacterial transmission can occur through frequently touched surfaces. 

You need to have a regular and consistent cleaning schedule, and that is easier when you use the best equipment. Hiring a commercial cleaning service is one way of ensuring that you have this covered. Professional cleaners will have specialized tools for the job.

A type of cloth often used in cleaning is microfibre. It is made of synthetic fabric and is popular for being both lightweight and absorbent. A strand of microfiber is finer than a strand of silk, and its asterisk-like structure means it has more surface area than cleaning clothes that are made of other materials like cotton. 

Microfibre picks up even the smallest particles of dust, water, grease, and dirt. Additionally, a square of cloth can hold several times its own weight in liquid. Here are a few ways you can incorporate microfibre cloth into your cleaning routine.

Place microfibre doormats at entrances

Instead of using generic rubber doormats at office entryways, put mats with a microfibre surface. This type of mat can trap dirt and mud tracked in from outside, and it keeps your office hallways dry in between cleanings. That is also great for offices that allow pets or children of employees to stay on the premises. Buy a mat with a non-slip rubber backing to help keep the item in place during rainy or snowy days.

Use a vacuum with microfibre accessories

Mats can only pick up so much dirt and dust. For the particles that rugs are not able to wipe clean, you can use a vacuum with microfibre attachments. You can clean efficiently using a vacuum with a microfibre cleaner bag. That is especially effective for carpeted rooms, as well as floors and surfaces that need disinfecting. You can also choose a vacuum microfibre mop attachment for your final sweep of an area.

Replace your mop heads with microfibre ones

After you vacuum, you can also pick up leftover dust or dirt with microfibre mops. Make sure the mops you use are clean and absorbent; if not, it is the same as pushing the dirt around on your floor. To truly clean and disinfect a surface, you must wash it with a thin layer of cleaning products and use different mops for scrubbing and polishing. 

For office spaces, mop heads that are anywhere from 30 to 48 inches long are good. The best commercial cleaning companies have a range of products for both small and large businesses.

How to clean a microfibre mop or rag

It is easy to care for a microfibre cloth item. These things are durable and can last several wash cycles if you follow the two main rules—first, do not use heat in the dryer, and second, do not use fabric softeners on the microfibre mop. 

For commercial spaces, use a professional detergent for cleaning your mops and rags. Choose one with high solvent and no alkaline, bleach, or fabric softener. The entire washing process should last a little under 45 minutes and with waters at 26 to 71 degrees Celsius, depending on the type of operation.

As for drying, it is best to air-dry your microfibre cloths. If you must, use tumble-drying at 60 degrees Celsius. You can also place your mops in a bucket and put chemical disinfectants on these, and let the solution saturate for about half an hour before use. You can also check the instruction manual for your mop or your rags before use.


Using microfibre cloths will help you clean your office more efficiently. Using everything from rugs to vacuum bags, mops, and rags will help you cover all the bases, protect your employees, and keep them healthy.

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