Winter is over, and here comes the season of spring to start anew. Many of us would use this time to clean up or renovate our own familiar spaces. But what about our office spaces and other commercial facilities? 

Of course, these spaces should get all the clean-up and enhancement it needs, even when it isn’t spring. Polishing and bringing out the best in these facilities’ appearance can help improve all the individuals’ mood who either work or visit the place. This is the time for facility managers to enhance their company’s space and make it comfortable enough for everyone, just like how it is at home!

To help you manage your property better, here are six key areas to clean up in your commercial facility:

  • Garden and landscaping

The first thing that greets the employees and visitors once the holidays are over is the facility’s garden and landscape. No longer are the beautiful flower beds and greenery tucked underneath inches of snow; it’s now the time they spring back anew.

With the harsh effects of winter, the garden areas and landscaping are sure to take a hit, so they are in dire need of upkeep. Trimming up bushes and laying fresh mulch are only a few of the many things that need attention.

Commercial cleaning services would also maintain the garden and landscaping by weeding, getting rid of herbicides, aerating and seeding, and even planting new trees, shrubs, and flowers to get better results. All this makeup for a fresh look that makes your commercial facility more inviting.

  • Windows

Having a lot of natural light in your space creates a better atmosphere and increases productivity. This is why the windows in commercial facilities should get much-needed cleaning—in both the interiors and exteriors!

These windows take the beating from all the dirt and debris after winter’s passing. You might be surprised how much light is actually blocked once it’s been cleaned and maintained!

  • Rugs and carpets

The dust that accumulates on the rugs and carpets over the winter is unreal. Moisture and dirt often lead to moulds for these items. Not to mention the assault that carpets have to endure from all the stomping and feet wiping during the winter season!

If these aren’t maintained properly, it can lead to long-term damage. This is why spring is the perfect time to get these facility rugs and carpets a deep cleaning solution to get that fresh look once visitors and employees are back.

  • Office furniture

Just like with the rugs and carpets, furniture is most likely to catch all the dust and dirt then further accumulate on surfaces. Not to mention, these are the surfaces that are touched regularly by anyone. You don’t want germs and other viruses transmitting so quickly because of surface smears. As such, it’s best to get these professionally cleaned by commercial cleaning services as well.

  • Air conditioning

With spring coming in, the summer heat is just right around the corner. This means that heaters are turned off, and the air conditioners are in full blast. Spring is the perfect time to get these units cleaned and maintained, while the weather is just right to accommodate all the testing.

Moreover, it isn’t just the air conditioning units that need cleaning, but also the vents and the airway systems within the commercial facility. Removing all the dust and debris can actually unblock all the cool air passing through!

  • Pest management

Finally, the most important issue that needs maintenance in commercial facilities is pest management. The coming of spring means the awakening of pests and releasing spawns into your space. 

Pest control shouldn’t be overlooked because these issues can lead to severe infestations that can be a reason to shut down commercial facilities. Remember to get these pests professionally removed for the safety and cleanliness of every individual in the commercial space.


In the end, the best way to manage the cleanliness and maintenance of all these areas is by finding out what causes all these issues and finding solutions to reduce them. Having proactive systems that make your facilities last for a long time is a great long-term solution.

Suppose you’re looking for top-notch cleaning services outside of commercial facilities. In that case, Cleanrite offers various cleaning services in Medicine Hat that can go through the key areas of any space. Contact us today to get a quote! 

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