An office area is prone to accumulating germs that can be transferred from one employee to another. No matter how much you clean your office regularly, dirt and dust can still build up. Germs can quickly spread through the air or shared objects. This is why when one person starts coughing, other people can be easily affected as well.

While maintaining the cleanliness of your office is essential, it helps as well to pay attention to several items and objects within the office that can become contaminated with germs. If you’re clueless as to what objects or items may be contaminated, here are four germ-stricken things to watch out for in your workplace:

1. Doorknobs

Your office doorknob is the dirtiest item to hold in your workplace, as it is one of the most touched objects. If you count the number of times you and the other employees touch the doorknobs around the office—office doorknob, conference room doorknob, bathroom doorknob, and more—you will realize how easily it can be a source of transferring germs.

To combat this, wash your hands regularly. You can even use a hand sanitizer every time you go in and out of a door. This is why many offices have hand sanitizers installed near office doors.

2. Keyboards

Office computer keyboards are used almost every day and are sometimes used by different people. If someone touches any part of their body, such as their mouth, eyes, or nose, and then use the keyboard, they can easily transfer germs. Even if the keyboards aren’t used during weekends, dust and dirt can get into them.

Remember to wash and dry your hands thoroughly before and after using the keyboard. You can also clean it with a disinfecting wipe every day before use.

3. Faucet handles

The faucet handles in your office are germ-carriers too. Pay particular attention to the washroom and kitchen faucets as they are among the dirtiest. Anyone who washes their hands is more likely to touch the kitchen and washroom faucets. Consider suggesting that your office get sensors to turn the water on and off so that no one has to touch any handles.

If your office bathrooms don’t have sensors, do your best to turn any faucets on and off with your elbows instead. You can also use a paper towel to avoid touching the handles. If this isn’t possible, use a hand sanitizer to kill any germs after you’ve touched a faucet.

4. Kitchen Sponges

Kitchen sponges are stricken germs. It’s weird that what is meant to clean, is actually downright dirty.

To deal with this problem, try microwaving or boiling office kitchen sponges to clean them. It may be easier to replace the kitchen sponge with a dishwashing brush. These items are much easier to clean and faster to dry.

As an employee, it helps to know the germ-stricken items and objects and how to deal with them so that you can keep yourself clean and healthy.

When it comes to cleanliness, seek the assistance of professional cleaning services. They can ensure that your overall office space is clean and germ-free.

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