When it comes to clean office, it’s usually the desks, or perhaps the windows, which usually receive attention. However, don’t forget the importance of a clean office door! Even as guests and employees pass through doors, it is surprising that most companies neglect cleaning them.

Your in-house or outsourced cleaning service must pay attention to your door, not only keeping the doorknob shiny and healthy to use, but food stains on the door itself must be removed to prevent bacteria and foul odours.

Here are several reasons why you must have a clean office door:

Prevent diseases from spreading

People use their hands to turn the doorknob, grasp the handlebar, or push the door. The problem with people’s hands is that they carry many germs. When a person sneezes, coughs or wipes their runny nose, the germs from their mouth would then get passed on their hands.

That same person would then use their infected hands to touch the door or its handle to open or close it. In the process, the germs on the door will pass onto the other people who touch it.

Cold viruses can survive within a whole day on the surface of a doorknob, while the bacteria that cause toxic megacolon, Clostridium difficile, can last up to five months, still multiplying on the surface. Within those 24 hours or 5 months, think of the thousands of people infected by colds or toxic megacolon in your workplace. As long as your doors remain uncleaned, the risk of an epidemic in your office is significant. Your employees could file for a workers’ compensation claim with the WCB if they incurred their illness at work. All these problems can come from merely not cleaning your doors.

Enhance productivity

Sickness and absences due to illnesses are lost work-hours. Lost time is lost money that can never be recovered. In contrast, the money you will spend to keep your doors cleaned is less compared to what you gain to earn from increased productivity. Cleaner doors mean less sick people and absences, which in turn means smoother workflows and happier employees.

Show a good impression

No one wants to touch a dull-looking, foul-smelling doorknob that feels sticky because it’s plain disgusting. Glass doors, in particular, would be unsightly with so many handprints on it. As a business owner or an office manager, ensuring cleanliness in the office is a must at all times. You want your boss or clients to see an office with a sleek, professional look and one that exudes an aura of efficiency and attention to detail. Since the door is the first thing your visitors would see before entering your premises, it will serve as the face of your values as a company. It is also the last thing they’ll see when leaving. Instead of giving them sickness, leave upon your guests a good impression by keeping your door spic-and-span and hygienic.

Cleaning your door

Cleaning your door entails a piece of cloth, disinfectant, perseverance, and consistency. You can make it an official policy that anyone who arrives at the office first is responsible for cleaning the doorknob in the morning. You can install a handwashing sink with hand dryer near your bathrooms and dining places to keep the doors near these places clean. If you have a glass door, you would have to treat it as you would your window. These types of doors would require more cleaning than solid, opaque doors.

If you or your employees have no time to clean your doors regularly, you can let a professional cleaning company in Medicine Hat wash the doors for you.

If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning service in Medicine Hat, get in touch with us today for a free consultation!

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