Hardwood floors are probably one of the most desirable features in many Canadian homes. They are exotic, look great, can withstand much wear and tear, and last for years even without regular maintenance and repairs. Hardwood floors also blend well with most home decors and furniture sets. 

Similar to other types of flooring, however, hardwood floors require special considerations. They can be easily ruined if you’re not careful. In fact, there are practices you do regularly that contribute to their early demise and deterioration. 

Factors that damage hardwood floors

Here are three factors that could damage hardwood floors:


Wood floor’s worst enemy is excessive moisture. When moisture seeps into the wood floors, the absorptive boards expand, causing many problems, including buckling, deformities, or board loosening. Make sure that the humidity level at home is low and be extra careful when installing hardwood floors. If moisture gets into the woods during installation, it can lead to severe problems shortly after installation.


While excessive moisture causes wood to expand, too much heat, on the other hand, causes wood to shrink. Too much sunlight is also not good for your floors because it can cause discoloration and dullness on the floors over time.

3.Recurring Damage

If things continuously fall on the ground or furniture being scraped repeatedly across the floor, your floor will surely have incurred severe damages. Though guaranteed woods are sturdy materials, it doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable to hammer it down. 

One example of ruining your hardwood floor is by wearing high heels inside the house. The heels are pointed, and with your body weight not evenly distributed, it is possible that they will leave dents and scratches on the floor. Pet nails and claws can also damage and scratch up your floors, so make sure that you trim their nails often.

How to protect hardwood floors

Taking preventive measures is the best way to protect your hardwood floors from damage. Here are some steps to keep them looking great at all times and making sure that they last for years:

Don’t drag or push furniture/appliances

Rearranging furniture or appliances is inevitable, during spring cleaning or when remodelling. In most cases, dragging or pushing large and bulky furniture is an easy solution. However, this becomes a problem for hardwood floors because it increases the risk of scuffing and scratching. Lift those items you can carry, and seek assistance for those heavy items you cannot carry alone.

Invest in furniture with rubber wheels

Though they can be more expensive, furniture with rubber wheels is worth it. They are the safest and most secure way to protect hardwood floors from dents or scratches. Also, navigating them is easier, considering that they don’t jam unnecessarily. Make sure to check the wheels regularly, clean them, and remove any contaminant that might create ugly markings on your floors.

Use furniture pads

When it comes to preventing scratches or dents on your hardwood floors, furniture pads, work wonders. They offer an additional layer of protection between the floors and the corners or feet of furniture sets, safeguarding your precious wood floor from any damage. Furniture pads also come in different types of materials, from rubber to felt finishes, with rubber pads being the most common. Not only are furniture pads an added safety measure on your floors, but they also make moving furniture convenient without lifting or putting them on wheels.

Besides knowing these simple steps, there are many other things you can do to protect your hardwood floors. Ensuring that they are clean at all times is important to maintaining the durability for many years to come.

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