The past few months have significantly focused on how companies and businesses maintain their offices in the safest way possible. With the threat of COVID-19, companies worldwide rely on office janitorial services to ensure that workspaces are sanitized and safe for people to use. After all, a healthy office will always ensure a better work turnout due to its employees’ security.

Clean workplaces and establishments give employees greater confidence in the company and in the work they put out. This creates a positive domino effect: well-kept establishments make for happier employees and better work results, further enticing potential customers and partners to keep supporting the business.

What are the ramifications of inadequate cleaning?

It’s easy to dismiss a runny nose or a sore throat after a few days of work, but these “simple” diseases can impact your health down the road. Most of these diseases can be linked to poor cleaning issues: unclean shared refrigerators, dirty restrooms, poor indoor air quality, and yes, even messy desks. 

This is why offices and establishments require the teamwork of both a trusted office janitorial service and their employees to keep a workspace clean. Just because your employees have hired someone to maintain office-quality cleaning does not give you a free pass to neglect your little area. Remember: sometimes adults spend just as much time at their workstation as they do their homes, if not more, so do your part and keep you and your fellow workers safe and sanitized.

With that in mind, here are four helpful tips to keep a clean and healthy working environment for you, your employees, and your customers:

  • Hire professional office janitorial services

A lot of hygiene products and cleaning agents commonly used in offices contain harmful chemicals, which can negatively affect you in due time. This is why you should hire competent cleaning professionals who have the training and expertise to know which cleaning materials are appropriate for your office environment.

  • Get rid of the dust

Always maintain the ideal temperature and indoor air quality as recommended by the EPA. Toxic chemicals from different consumer products can break down and settle into fine dust, making it an essential point to wipe down work area surfaces with a clean, damp cloth. 

For even better protection, advise employees to wash work clothes in a separate pile from the rest of the family laundry, and tp always shower as soon as they get home!

  • Zero in on high-contact problematic areas

Restrooms, office phones, the communal fridge, and any other area in an office where a lot of contact is made frequently requires constant and meticulous disinfecting. A simple wipe-down and a few spritzes of disinfectant will not suffice and will put workers at risk. These areas run the risk of being very contaminated, so do the utmost to keep them 100% germ-free.

  • Mind your mess, and maintain safety

As a worker in a space shared by many others, it’s important to remember that you have a responsibility to be self-aware about your area’s cleanliness. Make it a habit to clean up after yourself: sanitize your station before and after work, stick to the rules regarding office safety, and keep other people in mind. This will earn your employee’s respect and motivate them to do the same.


A well-kept establishment means a well-kept staff. Companies have a social responsibility to uphold a brand, and hiring professional office janitorial services is an investment and a way to become more cost-effective for the future. Especially in times like these, when the future can look a bit uncertain, a trustworthy cleaning service can act as a great safety net to ensure that everyone involved with the business is good, safe, and healthy.

Cleanrite Services is a trusted cleaning company in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Our services include carpet cleaning, commercial window washing, and electrostatic disinfection that meets Health Canada‘s requirements for emerging viral pathogens. In a time when going outside feels like an everyday gamble, hiring a cleaning service with a good reputation is an investment for you and your company’s future. Get in touch with us now to book a schedule!


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