• Prevent Infections at the Workplace

    Prevent Infections at the Workplace With These 5 Tips

    As offices and other establishments open gradually amid the global pandemic, keeping your office clean at all times is essential. A clean office is more important today than ever before to prevent the spread of the virus. It is also an effective way to make your employees feel safe in the workplace.  A clean office […]

  • Clean and Hygienic Workplaces

    Why You Should Invest in Clean and Hygienic Workplaces

    Workplace sanitization is becoming a more prominent issue due to COVID-19’s impact worldwide. Placing importance on disinfecting workstations and limiting face-to-face interactions are some of the many changes that business owners need to implement. The growing concern over clean workspaces can be an essential step toward developing healthier offices. Even before COVID-19 hit, deep cleaning […]

  • Office Carpet Cleaning

    Office Carpet Cleaning Amid COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about changes that the world has never seen before. In just a span of a few months, it put an overwhelming burden on the healthcare sector. It also stirred fear and anxiety among the public in an unprecedented way. Furthermore, it closed down physical operations, prohibited face-to-face meetings, and introduced […]

  • lockdown cleaning tips

    3 Effective Back-to-Office Post-Lockdown Cleaning Tips

    • November 15, 2020
    • Covid-19
    • by Cleanrite

    The coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to remain in their homes, working on laptops at the dining room table. But now that restriction is eased and you have to return to the office, expect that your workplace is going to be different from the one you were used to. It’s likely that there will […]

  • Clean and Healthy Workplace

    4 Helpful Tips for Keeping a Clean and Healthy Workplace

    The past few months have significantly focused on how companies and businesses maintain their offices in the safest way possible. With the threat of COVID-19, companies worldwide rely on office janitorial services to ensure that workspaces are sanitized and safe for people to use. After all, a healthy office will always ensure a better work […]