Cleaning has many positive effects on the place we live and work. Due to the emergence of the pandemic, cleaning has become a priority since our health and lives depend on it. During this time, cleanliness is even more appreciated in common areas like business establishments and offices. Seasonal cleaning should also be considered to help brighten the place by getting rid of the things that we would no longer need for the upcoming season. 

If you are planning for a spring cleaning of your workplace, here are several important points for you to remember:

  • Disinfect and organize desks

Desks are one of the most common shared contact surfaces in the workplace. To clean the desks, remove everything on top of it and wipe it with a damp cloth to clear dust clouds. Make sure you wipe it again but for the second time, do it with disinfectant. Then, let it dry for a while and put back the computers and other necessary things for work. You may also back up your cleaning strategy with more thorough sanitation by hiring an office disinfection service. 

For smaller things, be sure to assess those that are frequently used and keep them beside the computer. The rest may be kept in a drawer or thrown away according to use and importance. However, you don’t want a general cleaning to interrupt your operations. To cover a larger area, ask your employees to help by cleaning their desks. 

  • Declutter your desktop

Extend your energy to cleaning what on your desktops as well––empty folders that serve no purpose and organize your files according to use or time of creation. Also, secure your data by organizing folders that can only be accessed with a strong password. Filter important from spam emails and backup every confidential data. Tell everyone to change their passwords using strong combinations.

  • Deep clean the carpets

Your carpet is one of the dirtiest things in the office. People from different places who stepped on dirt outdoors can easily leave mud, grime, or excrement on your carpet. You can clean your carpet by sweeping and vacuuming off dirt like that. However, you might feel more comfortable with your carpet if you call for a commercial cleaning service from Cleanrite Services to deep clean it with a water vacuum and disinfect it!

  • Check and sanitize the pantry

If there is an area in your office that needs to be virus-free and clean, it is usually the break room. Check your pantry for foods that have already expired and are about to expire. If you can, put labels and categorize them according to their expiry date. Also, list down the food and drinks that need to be refilled. 

Don’t forget to open your fridge if you have it in your office as well. Remove spoiled meals and defrost the refrigerator so that you can entirely clean it. Then, clean the insides and the outsides with a disinfectant that is safe for food. Charcoal or lemon are also good remedies for a smelly fridge. 

  • Shred stacks of old documents

In recent times, many companies are shifting to a paperless system. However, some data are more convenient when printed. If you have a stack of documents on every table, you might want to make the most out of your cleaning day and go through those documents. Ask your employees to shred papers that are no longer needed. It is also best if you could still reuse those papers to help the environment!


While we are experiencing a health crisis, we should make it a habit to clean from time to time. Seasonal cleaning will also help us avoid seasonal illnesses. A practice of cleaning is helpful in maintaining a positive environment and harmonious workflow in the office. Ultimately, an organized and clean environment increases productivity!

If you want a more thorough cleaning and disinfecting for your office, trust Cleanrite Services. We offer affordable office janitorial services in Medicine Hat, AB, to make sure that your office is safe even if you are on a tight budget. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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