With the ongoing pandemic, you never know what could happen. This invisible disease grips the world as we speak and the only way we can narrowly escape it is to stay home, sanitize regularly, and keep each other safe and healthy.

When our work or business requires us to come into the office, however, we risk our safety by coming into contact with anyone at all. So to look ahead, we must map out a facility management plan in case of disease breakouts or confirmed COVID-19 cases. 

Whether you’re an administrator, a business manager, or a concerned employee, we’ll discuss with you your next best facility management plan.

Why Should I Follow a COVID-19 Management Plan?

While companies still implement employees to work from home, those who have returned to offices must be critical in safety preparations. You must ensure that your company has a COVID-19 policy in place by using a management plant. This entails enforcing COVID-19 health and safety protocols, informing all employees of the standards, and requesting thorough decontamination or commercial cleaning services on a regular basis for both low-touch and high-touch regions in your facilities.

As part of your COVID-19 management plan, you must also look into important details in sourcing a qualified cleaning service provider. These details include checking for their permits,  making sure they are properly trained, and confirming that they are insured. During their operation, you must also observe whether they have access to and use the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as follow a strict cleaning process.

The Importance of Specialized Equipment

You can never be too safe. As a business with employees, you must allocate a budget for individual supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks, face shields, and gloves, if necessary. We also emphasize that when purchasing these items, you must look into a reputable supplier who can give you quality material only.

Additionally, as part of your facility guidelines, you may also consider investing in sanitizing stations, infrared thermometers, disposable gowns, disinfecting wipes, protective sheets, and personalized hand sanitizer bottles. With all these prepared for you and your team, you’ll be a couple steps ahead of fighting against this pandemic. tải artmoney pro full crack

Understanding the Cleaning Levels

  • Level 1: Use best practices, basic disinfectants, and a range of fogging devices for routine cleaning and disinfection. For the needed dwell periods of disinfectants, technicians must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Level 2: In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19, full PPE should be worn at all times, and high-touch areas should be thoroughly disinfected. A containment area should also be constructed.
  • Level 3: Containment areas should be established and full PPE should be used for a complete disinfection. There must be strict controls in place to prevent cross-contamination across different regions of the plant.



When your facility is finally disinfected and cleaned, your service provider still needs to ensure that everything has been appropriately disposed of at the end of your management plan. After that, they’ll be able to ascertain if your facility is ready to use. 

You’ll get all of the ATP results, paperwork, and images you’ll need to file to ensure a smooth flow of operations. This concludes your best management plan. Make sure to adhere to these stages and guidelines periodically for the safety of your company and staff.

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