The whole world is in disarray as the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a pandemic, leaving people in a global lockdown in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus. After months of hearing news about the coronavirus, proper cleaning techniques have become more critical than ever as it plays a significant role in the battle against the COVID-19 outbreak.
We understand that regular cleaning and disinfection are essential to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Below are the measures Cleanrite is already taking to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces:

All staff have been directed to go through the self-assessment as set out by the Provincial Government before going to work and are to be in touch with myself or our managers should they get sick, at home or work.

Staff have been instructed and are continually reminded that touchpoint surfaces in every building are top priority!

We feel, out of necessity, to add an additional disinfection service at the end of every cleaning. After your regular cleaning, Quat San 270M is an additional disinfection spray that will be applied to all desks, counters, tables, phones, bathroom fixtures, doorknobs, etc. Quat San 270M is a food-safe spray that we allow to air dry on surfaces to properly disinfect.

Regardless of this service, our staff primarily use microfiber cloths – studies have indicated that microfiber cloths kill 99% of bacteria and 93% of viruses. In addition to that, when needed, we use degreases floor soap (the main ingredient is isopropyl alcohol), toilet bowl chemicals, furniture polishes etc. Due to current circumstances, the microfiber cloths are being replaced frequently during shifts so as to take no chances.

Beyond religious hygiene practices, keeping your space clean and clear from the virus is essential to keep inhabitants safe, especially since the virus can live on surfaces between 23 hours to 3 days. Specifically, you can refer to the list below for the different lifespan of the coronavirus on different surfaces:

Air – 3 hours
Copper – 4 to 8 hours
Cardboard – 24 hours
Stainless steel – 48 hours
Plastics – 72 hours

Whether its to disinfect surfaces at the workplace or home, the tips below should help you identify shared touchpoints and the proper ways to clear away the germs:

What are the Top High-Touch Surfaces in a Commercial Building or Residential Property?

The first step to disinfecting your space to mitigate the risks of contamination is to first identify the high-touch surfaces in your workplace or home, such as the following:

Table surfaces
Hard chairs (seat, back, and arms)
Kitchen counters
Bathroom counters
Faucets and faucet knobs
Toilets (seat and handle)
Light switches
TV remote controls
Game controllers
Computer screen
Phone or tablet
Light switches

Everybody has a different set-up, but the list above is generally the common surfaces both homeowners and employees interact with daily. Moving forward, the best way to disinfect the following surfaces is to do the following:

First Clean, Then Disinfect

The first step to clean and sanitize surfaces is first to remove any dust bunnies, debris, or built-up contaminants resting on the surface. You can quickly achieve this by wiping the area clean using either a cleaning spray or soapy water and a hand towel.

The next best course of action is to finish it off with a surface-appropriate disinfectant. Of course, different materials also need different sanitizing solutions that suit them.

For light switches, control buttons, door handles, fridge handles, and toilet flush buttons, dilute hypochlorite solution and apply using a spray bottle. Acid sanitizer solution is the best for wiping down hard materials like rails, pipework, gates, and latches, but be sure to wear gloves!

The Best Disinfectant Solution

The best sanitizers or disinfectants that can effectively kill the coronavirus include our Clorox Total 360 system and Benefect Botanical Decon 30 Disinfectant, Quat San 270M, Lysol, or other store brand wipes. Disinfectant spray such as Purell, Clorox, and Lysol will also work, along with isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

Of course, you can refer to the EPA for the full list of disinfectants that can eliminate the coronavirus.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces play a pivotal role in mitigating the widespread of the coronavirus, especially since it can live on various surfaces for days. If you find yourself lacking the materials, energy, and proper cleaning solutions to ensure your home or office space is safe from the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you’re looking for office cleaning services in Medicine Hat to do the dirty work for you, get in touch with us to see how we can help!

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