The Coronavirus disease, more commonly known as COVID-19, has become the biggest problem of this year, spreading internationally at an alarming rate. This pandemic has spread to nearly two million confirmed cases worldwide while racking up a death toll of nearly 120,000.

The worsening situation of the world has found a majority of the world’s population focusing on sanitation and cleanliness, hoping it would somehow stem the increasing number of cases. Handwashing has become the primary response—with multiple advice and strategies to stick to the 20-second recommended washing time—but this only works as good as your hands go.

COVID-19 spreads through airborne droplets, which could stay around for hours, depending on the climate. Immediate decontamination is important to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

What Can I Use?

According to data, alcohol solutions that are at least 70% alcohol can be enough to kill off the coronavirus germs. In the absence of that, a mixture of four teaspoons bleach with one quart of water can work as a highly cost-effective solution. Placing them into spray bottles make for an easy and portable disinfecting tool for use all around your home and office.

What Items and Areas To Disinfect

While disinfecting almost everything within sight seems to be a good idea at this point, there are some items and areas that tend to be forgotten. Taking note of these few and disinfecting them regularly can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Reusable bags

The use of reusable grocery bags or eco-bags has become incredibly prevalent in today’s society, but recall that these can be hives for germs as well. After going to the grocery, make sure to soak this in hot-water immediately, to prevent any lingering germs from spreading.


Handles are hives for germs and bacteria, so disinfecting these regularly are a must! This doesn’t only go for door handles, but also for drawers, closets, and your medicine cabinet as well. Also, when getting into or out of a vehicle, the car door handles should have to be disinfected thoroughly.

Kitchen Surfaces

Kitchen surfaces or anywhere that food is prepared or laid down should be cleaned regularly. Aside from the regular bacteria and critters that can infect your food, COVID-19 could lay on the food you prep, allowing it to be ingested when you start eating. Ensure your hands and your surroundings are clean when handling food, no matter how quick you mean to eat it.


Towels are usually damp for prolonged periods of time, allowing COVID-19 germs to stay on it for longer periods. Wash your towels on a more frequent basis and use a different washcloth for your hands.


When going out, especially to areas known for confirmed COVID-19 cases, wash your clothing immediately. Using disposable hand gloves also helps prevent the disease, so this should be a necessity when doing laundry. Anything you wear can also have germs on the surface, so don’t forget to disinfect your shoes, jewelry, and your glasses.


Cellphones are always on your hands and you put them on your face when you call. These should be disinfected as well in order to minimize the bacteria you come in contact with. Using rubbing alcohol is safe for your mobile devices, and wiping it with a microfiber cloth will help it to avoid scratches.


Taking note of these items and surfaces that need cleaning and disinfecting won’t only help stop the spread of COVID-19, but it could also save your life. Although staying indoors has become the norm of today, this won’t stop the spread of germs that can enter your home.

Ensure to sanitize and clean all surfaces as regularly as possible to avoid infection and contamination. If you’re looking for a cleaning service in Medicine Hat, AB that can handle COVID-19 disinfection, get in touch with us and schedule an appointment today.

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