Almost every country in the world is in some form of lockdown. Most businesses are closed, and individuals are ordered to stay inside their homes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As these countries endure weeks of isolation, there are some countries that are starting to lift lockdowns.

Despite the uncertainty, businesses will still soon re-open, and individuals will need to come to work. However, employees will be more mindful of the safety of the work environment, and to ensure that you have a safe space for your employees, you need to hire a commercial cleaning company for disinfection services. 

The Differences Between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting

When it comes to disinfection services, it’s essential not to get it confused for cleaning and sanitizing, as these are all different methods. 

Cleaning is the method where it involves the removal of some germs through the use of water and detergent. It can kill hazardous pathogens physically. Sanitizing involves the use of specialized agents that will help reduce the number of germs on an object or surface. However, sanitizing will not kill all dangerous pathogens. 

Disinfecting kills virtually all germs to the point that the pathogens no longer present a health threat. 

So, how can disinfection services eliminate COVID-19 on your commercial spaces? 

  • Use of the Right, Safe, and Approved Disinfecting Agents

With a professional disinfection service, you can guarantee that they will use only safe and approved disinfecting materials that can eliminate COVID-19 within your commercial or industrial property. These disinfecting agents are cleared by the EPA.

Moreover, professional disinfection services will not only eliminate COVID-19 but can also protect the premises from future germ growth. 

  • Prevention of Future Germ Growth

The disinfecting agents used by a commercial cleaning company, as mentioned, will not only eliminate existing germs, but it will also add an additional layer of protection against the growth of germs. It’s because a commercial cleaning company has access to disinfectants that are only made available to professional cleaning companies. 

  • Use of Advanced Technology

Disinfection services today use advanced technology to ensure the efficiency of their services. The technology used for this can totally eradicate harmful viruses, such as the COVID-19 and bacteria, from any commercial space. One popular technology is the sprayer that can fully disinfect an area by providing 100 percent coverage of all surfaces and objects. 


Disinfection services are essential, especially amid the global pandemic. By disinfecting, you can reassure your employees that it is safe to go back to work when home quarantine orders are lifted. There are many commercial cleaning companies out there today that offer disinfection services. So, before you re-open your commercial or industrial space, make sure to have it thoroughly disinfected by professionals. 

It is also essential to ensure regular disinfection services in your office space even after it has re-opened. By now, we all know how easily a virus can spread, not to mention that it COVID-19 can be fatal, and we surely don’t want to walk this route again. 

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