The holidays are already well underway. Consumers are initiating their holiday shopping, visiting one store after another, in hopes of finding something which will serve as a present for their loved ones. The season of giving is one of the most looked forward to celebrations of people around the world. 

It’s also a time when businesses and commercial establishments experience significant foot traffic, especially during the final days leading up to the special holidays. If you’re expecting an influx of visitors to check out your products or services this year, then your commercial space needs to be prepared to handle the next following weeks.

 Your hardwood floors require protection and cleaning to ensure they add to the allure of your store and continue to accommodate a good amount of visitors. You can call on commercial cleaning services to take care of your flooring and guarantee you’re prepared for the holidays. 

Keep reading below to find out tips on maintaining your hardwood floors for the holiday rush.

Schedule Cleaning Maintenance 

Your commercial space will require regular maintenance, such as a Floor Care Maintenance System, a program that includes sweeping and mopping the floor to ensure it’s spotless and ready for the holidays. If you make an extra effort to prepare your store for your customers, they will certainly appreciate how everything looks.

 Getting rid of unwanted particles and dust on your floor will highlight the cleanliness of your business, preventing scrapes and scratches when you’re accommodating a high number of visitors. As a result, the ambiance of your shop will encourage consumers to purchase more of your offers. 

Take Care of Spills Immediately

 You can never control accidents because they happen when you least expect it. The best thing you can do is be prepared for it, especially when it involves unwanted spills and stains. The moment you witness an incident by either your employees or customers, work to take care of it right away.

Handling the spill can prevent people from slipping and falling on your floor and leading to more chaos. Aside from that, you are also keeping your hardwood floors in good condition and avoiding long-term damages.  

 Incorporate Carpets for Added Protection

Instead of keeping your hardwood floors bare, you can consider utilizing carpets and rugs to maintain the upkeep of your space. Before you open your shop to the public and present your holiday sale, you need to determine which area your store will be receiving the most foot traffic. 

Whether it’s in a spot where you’re displaying your discounted items or where your holiday bundles are placed, fixing a carpet there can protect your floors. You can also place pads under your rugs to keep them from moving whenever people walk all over them.

Rearrange Furniture Around Carefully 

If you’re expecting a bigger crowd during the holidays, you may want to rearrange your store’s furniture to provide more space and address your customers’ needs. It’s important to be careful and learn how to properly move around shelves and chairs without dragging it across your floors.

You can consider inserting felt pads on your furniture’s feet if you can’t carry it completely, so you can still keep your floor well-protected while rearranging everything in its rightful place. Sliding your furnishings won’t damage the floors, so long as you purchase new pads every couple of months to get rid of grit build-up, which can lead to scratches on your flooring.


This holiday season, you can be sure to attract more shoppers if you learn to maintain the cleanliness of your store. It includes not only making your products on display look presentable, but your hardwood floors should also be clean and ready to accommodate visitors. You can call for cleaning services to handle your situation and meet your expectations of a well-maintained space, perfect for the holiday season.

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