The COVID-19 pandemic affects many businesses due to its devastating effects on daily life as we know it. The challenge seems to lie in the need for businesses to transition to the digital realm and future-proof their operations. However, business owners like you must also invest in cleaning and disinfecting preventive measures to prevent the virus’s spread. 

Together, we will delve into this aspect of the New Normal to better your business operations. We will first define what cleaning and disinfecting means to clear any preconceived notions about the virus. 

We will also discuss what you need to know as a business owner about cleaning and disinfecting to cater to your business’s growing needs, your local community, and Canada as a whole since we are all in this together. 

The Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting 

Cleaning and disinfecting are vastly different services, but both are essential to contain the spread of COVID-19. Take note of the following differences to become well-oriented with the two services: 

  • Goal

The main goal of cleaning is to remove contaminants that make your commercial space dirty, such as dirt, grease grime, and food stains. It is different from disinfecting, which is more concerned with eliminating hazardous substances and viral agents, such as the common cold. 

However, note that Canada’s Government encourages both the cleaning and disinfecting of spaces to prevent the spread of the virus and kill it when possible. Keep to the government guidelines by practicing both cleaning and disinfecting for your commercial space.

  • Tools Used 

Cleaning tools are easy to buy in your local store, but disinfecting tools are often harder to find. These products are also scrutinized by experts to verify their effectiveness against viral agents, like COVID-19. 

For instance, the Cleanrite commercial disinfecting team uses the Clorox® Total 360™ electrostatic disinfection system to kill COVID-19 pathogens effectively. Our team also uses carpet cleaning and other related services to prevent the spread of other harmful viruses and germs. Consult with us to keep your commercial space safe. 

Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips for Commercial Spaces 

Take note of the following cleaning and disinfecting tips to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Revisit cleaning and disinfecting protocols: The government has released crucial COVID-19 guidelines to inform business owners like you about the virus’s dangers. It also orients you on guidelines for proper cleaning and disinfecting. Take at least one day to read through the guidelines together with your staff and find ways to clean and disinfect your space effectively. 


  • Avoid lockdown-induced fatigue: Remember—we are dealing with many adjustments that can make us complacent towards best practices. Take note of lockdown-induced fatigue, which can lead to tiredness and lowered cognitive function. It affects how your staff and customers comply with the different COVID-19 protocols, such as proper hand hygiene. Do what you can as a business owner to strengthen your workplace’s resilience and positive energy to combat lockdown-induced fatigue.


  • Partner with the best local commercial cleaning company: You can invest in proper cleaning and disinfecting services to ensure that your business is COVID-19 free. Contact Cleanrite Systems today, the best commercial cleaning company with all the right deep-cleaning and disinfecting tools and expertise to help you prevent the spread of the virus. 



The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge many business owners like you, but you can rise above it by properly cleaning and disinfecting your commercial space. You just need to know the difference between cleanliness and disinfection and follow the best practices. Take note of all the previously mentioned information and keep your business COVID-19-free today. 

Cleanrite Cleaning Services offers you the best commercial cleaners in Medicine Hat during the COVID-19 pandemic. We provide state-of-the-art cleaning and disinfecting solutions to help you take control of your business, even during these challenging times. Contact us today for affordable yet effective deep cleaning and disinfecting services to protect your staff and customers. 


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