COVID-19 has brought a threat not only to the people’s lives but also to the economy and the business industry. Everyone is affected by the illness in one way or another. One thing to do to ensure the safety of everyone around you is to keep your space clean and virus-free. Although it is not the only step to take, maintaining the cleanliness of your commercial area is crucial, especially during the time of the pandemic. 

If you are a business owner who has an office or a commercial building, you need to up your cleaning game to make sure that everyone entering the building is protected from any health threats. We created a little guide on how to clean and disinfect your commercial space.

Why You Should Clean and Disinfect

Cleaning is not the same as disinfecting. These are two different processes that should go together to achieve a safer environment. 

Cleaning is removing the dirt, dust, and debris from a surface, while disinfecting is using solutions made from chemical substances to kill germs and bacteria. Disinfecting may not be as effective without cleaning the surface first. That is why the two should go hand in hand.


The Importance of Cleaning Daily

With or without a life-threatening virus, regularly cleaning the workplace is essential. In the commercial setup, different people enter and leave the office or store. You will never know how much dirt and bacteria get in your space each time. We recommend cleaning every day to keep the area clean and healthy. 

Here are some important notes to keep:

  • Pay special attention to areas that are frequently touched, such as door handles, light switches, tabletops, remote control, toilet, handles, taps, and more.
  • Immediately clean visibly soiled surfaces.
  • Promptly dry off and clean surfaces after a spillage.


When to Disinfect and How Often

These are the basic guidelines of scheduling disinfection for commercial space: 

  • How likely is a contaminated material present in your workplace?
  • How many people enter the workplace each day?

The frequency of disinfection depends on your answer to the questions above. The more people, workers, and customers enter your office or retail space, the more chances they bring viruses and bacteria to your area. If you are in the same scenario, we recommend frequent disinfection for your commercial space.

Safe Cleaning Tips

  • Always wear gloves when cleaning. It is better to use disposable gloves, but in case you are using reusable ones, wash it immediately with detergent and water. Clean your hands after. Gloves used for cleaning should not be used for other purposes. 
  • Use detergent and water when cleaning surfaces, whether the surface is clean-looking or dirty. Doing so will help remove germs. This step is also necessary before you disinfect any surfaces. 
  • When using a disinfectant, check how long you need to keep it on the surface. If there is no instruction, leave it for at least ten minutes. It is the time required to kill the present bacteria. 

There’s a COVID Positive Workmate or Customer: What to Do

  • Protect yourself by wearing PPE and cover when cleaning.
  • Close off all affected areas.
  • Open all doors and windows to improve air circulation.
  • Proceed with the cleaning and disinfection. Use household bleach or hospital-grade bleach solutions after to disinfect the area for the second time. 
  • Keep all the disposable cleaning materials and the costume in a rubbish bag.
  • Dispose of this waste properly. 
  • Clean and disinfect all non-disposable cleaning equipment like mop and pail using hot water and allow to dry.
  • Clean your hands thoroughly.


Protecting your building from the danger of COVID-19 shows how much you value your employees and customers. While cleaning and disinfecting are reasonable things to do in a commercial property, this time, they should be done with utmost care and value. To protect your health, you should do your part in cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance. 

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