It’s common knowledge that offices have some areas where germs can thrive, especially those where many people work. To avoid the spread of illnesses caused by harmful germs, you should consider getting commercial cleaning services for your company.

 While you’re waiting for the cleaning schedule, you might want to know which areas in your offices are the favourite spots of germs so that you can take extra measures in disinfecting them:

 Areas in Your Office That Are Likely Filled with Germs 

  1. The Desks

Remember that it’s not only you who touches things on your desk. People who have handled the documents you have borrowed your stuff could also leave their germs there. Even your best buddy who stopped by your desk for a quick chat could end up leaving germs behind. Also, if you have a phone on your desk, it’s likely to harbour germs.

  1. Computers and Copiers

This should come as no surprise to you, especially if you’re sharing computers with colleagues. Just the simple process of turning it on or off could already leave germs on its buttons and surfaces. Imagine what keyboards and mice could carry. Copiers, too, are common carriers of germs as many people use them.

If you are sharing computers with other people in the office, it’s a good idea to use disinfectant wipes on the surfaces before you touch them. 

  1. Doorknobs and Elevator Buttons

Among the most touched surfaces in a workspace are the doorknobs or handles and the elevator buttons. Everybody who goes in and out of your office uses them, and because of this, they can be filled with germs and viruses that could make people sick. Because of this, spraying disinfectant solutions on the knobs and sanitizing your hands after touching these surfaces can help protect you from any infection.

  1. Washrooms

Washrooms are shared spaces, so you can expect that the risk of acquiring illnesses from germs in these areas is quite high. As such, having them thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by our office cleaning experts at Cleanrite Services can help reduce the incidence of infections in washrooms.


What You Can Do to Prevent the Spread of Germs in Your Office

Aside from hiring a reliable team of professional cleaners, you can also take proactive steps to help keep germs from spreading in your facility:

  1. Properly Wash Your Hands Whenever Possible

 It’s a good idea to wash your hands every few hours or so in the office, especially after using items or equipment like copiers or computers that multiple people often use.

  1. Keep a Sanitizer on Your Desk

Make it a habit to apply sanitizer before and after handling any office equipment, tool, or supplies. This can help protect you and prevent you from spreading germs simultaneously. 

  1. Always Keep Your Workspace Clean

A dirty and messy work area is the ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Make sure you have no leftovers or empty food containers in your office or cubicle. Dispose of your garbage properly and keep disinfecting wipes so that you can quickly clean your area before and after your work shift.


With the threat of the Coronavirus still looming, it’s important that you do what you can to ensure that your employees and clients are safe when they are in your office. One of the best and most effective ways is to get office disinfection service from a reputable cleaning company.

Cleanrite Services can provide you with thorough professional disinfecting services in Medicine Hat, AB, to ensure that your workspace is safe and free from harmful germs that could cause illnesses. Contact us today to find out about our services that you can benefit from!

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