Now that the cases of COVID-19 are becoming more manageable, more areas across Canada are slowly opening up. Local governments are lifting lockdown restrictions, and commercial establishments are gradually coping with the new normal. All these changes are happening amid new safety protocols and preventive measures.

The threat of COVID-19 is still present, and it will remain that way until a vaccine becomes available. With the new normal and slow reopening, all business and commercial space owners are expected to implement the proper steps to ensure their employees’ and customers’ safety.

If you’re opening your office space again to your employees or tenants, it’s not enough that you rely on your cleaning team for the sanitation and safety of your area. You also need to make your preparations ahead. If you don’t know where to start, this checklist will help you identify which items to have in your office. 

  • Add hand wash and sanitizing stations

The World Health Organization advises people to wash and sanitize their hands regularly to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Install stations around the office where people can wash or clean their hands. The disinfection areas should be scattered throughout the premises for easy access and increased safety.

Avoid shaking hands with other people and wash your hands whenever possible: when you go outside, after meetings, and when you touch any type of surface.

  • Practice physical distancing in the office

You should also observe proper distance inside the office. If there’s a need to physically distance workspaces and stations, then do so. Maintain at least six feet of distance between each person to minimize viral transmission.

Here are some methods you can explore:

  • Add partitions, barriers, or dividers between workstations
  • Space out tables in your office canteen
  • Keep doors closed whenever possible
  • Turn your office into a spacious area so everyone can move freely around


  • Cleaning is everyone’s responsibility

Regular cleaning and deep cleaning services can guarantee the cleanliness of your place. However, you cannot merely rely on a weekly job. Everyone should take part in ensuring that the entire office space is free from viruses and other germs. Here are some rules you can implement, plus what you can do as the building or facility owner:

  • Have a supply of disinfectant wipes for all employees
  • Make sure that they clean and sanitize their workspace daily
  • They should clean up their desk and everything on it, the kitchen table after finishing a meal, and the microwave after usage


  • Make sure you have fresh air circulation

Working in a confined space gives you more chances of getting an infection, so remind your employees to go out and get some fresh air once in a while. That is the benefit they’d get apart from maintaining their mental and physical health. Just make sure they will rewash their hands upon returning to the office. 

  • Remind the employees of their dos and don’ts 

Don’t forget to remind your employees that they should stay at home if they are feeling sick or someone from their home is feeling unwell or experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19. The virus gets transferred easily, and no one wants to get sick. Working ill in an enclosed space would only make things worse. Encourage these employees to work from home for at least 14 days after they feel better.


Work is essential to keep life running smoothly, but without good health, life won’t be as meaningful. While it’s important to cope with the new normal, everyone’s health should still be the top priority. Remember all the items from this list and find ways to implement them into your office.

Don’t forget to hire professional cleaning services to keep your workspace clean and supplement your safety practices. If you’re looking for office janitorial services in Alberta, contact us at Cleanrite Services today.


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