The COVID-19 pandemic that broke out last year is still very much evident around the world today. With countries implementing social distancing guidelines and safety measures, people were forced to adjust to the crisis in their own ways to prevent the further spread of the virus.

Now more than ever, maintaining good hygiene is crucial. You will find that people using public restrooms have picked up new practices, like avoiding coming into contact with their environment as much as possible. Whether it’s a stall door, a toilet’s flush, or the faucet, everyone is afraid of touching anything with their bare hands!

If you’re managing an establishment, you must ensure your restrooms are well-maintained at all times for the good of your employees and guests. Thus, the need to take your office cleaning methods seriously is absolutely crucial. Keep reading below to find out some helpful ways to maintain the cleanliness of your restrooms.


Install a Touchless Cleaning System

If you want to guarantee you can avoid complete contact when cleaning your workplace, you can depend on a touchless cleaning system. It works to eliminate all kinds of dirty particles and pollutants that you may have overlooked when initiating your previous sanitizing practices.

A touchless cleaning system is an effective solution to get rid of bacteria from hard-to-reach surfaces, corners, and spaces that your regular wiping and mopping may fail to do. You can utilize the touchless sanitizing system to take over and get rid of the germs, including bad odour and mould presence, that could be lurking deep within the restrooms.

Use an Electrostatic Sprayer

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, modern technology saw companies developing various cleaning equipment to disinfect and sanitize spaces, especially restrooms. With an electrostatic sprayer or mister, you can cut the cleaning period in half and end up managing your time wisely!

The device doesn’t require you to wipe the disinfecting solution it produces anymore because you only need it to remain on surfaces for some time. That way, you can improve your chances of eliminating viruses and germs dwelling in your facilities. 

Change Your Sanitizing Equipment Regularly

Part of maintaining a well-sanitized restroom is avoiding cross-contamination, which could happen when you decide to use the same cleaning cloths and materials for other office areas. You could end up spreading bacteria attached to the items all over your workplace instead of disinfecting them!

One useful idea to prevent using the same equipment is to apply a colour-coded system to avoid spreading germs from your restrooms to your workplace, tables, and desktops. That way, you keep the cleanliness intact and your employees free from potential diseases.

 Hire Professional Cleaning Services

 Individuals and businesses continue to struggle with their finances in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, you may be tempted to cut back on costs, possibly appointing your employees to take on more work and clean the restroom during their extra time.

That is a bad solution and should be avoided as much as possible because you could end up risking the entire workplace. Instead, it’s a much better idea to hire expert commercial cleaning services who have the right skills and experience to handle restroom cleaning properly.


Your hygiene and health should be your number one priority during these trying times. When it comes to managing a facility, your area should remain clean and free from germs. Given that, it’s best to hire professional cleaning services to take over the janitorial work and ensure your utmost safety at all times. 

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