Looking at the way COVID-19 has impacted everyday living, it should come as no surprise that you’ve probably taken a few steps to be more conscious and careful about staying clean.

With the average hospital bill for COVID-19 confinement totaling out to a rather hefty fee (about six figures a week) and the virus itself mutating, it’s easy to see why taking the time to be careful will always pay off. At this point, you might also be a few hundred dollars deep into investing in bottles of alcohol, spray bottles, masks, gloves, and even protective suits.

As you continue to keep yourself and your family safe from the risk of infections with proper hygiene techniques and the right mindset, the chances are that you’re still wondering about the best approach to follow. However, you’d be surprised to know that the most effective way to beat COVID-19 isn’t necessarily the most expensive method because all it takes is to wash your hands.


Is hand washing really important?

Absolutely! When it comes to mitigating the risk of common infections, handwashing is one of the most effective ways to avoid the risk of contamination because it keeps everything virus-free. Since hands themselves are the most powerful spreaders of germs and viruses regardless if they’re holding, grabbing, touching, or rubbing, many risks and rates of infection are often linked to people who fail to wash their hands. 


What’s so dangerous about having unclean hands?

The one point that anyone should understand about washing their hands is that it is possible to spread certain “germs” (a general term for microbes like viruses and bacteria) casually by touching another person. On top of accidental contamination, having unclean hands also means putting yourself in danger because you can end up catching germs if you touch your face, mouth, eyes, or nose—a common cause for COVID-19 infections today.


What constitutes a good hand washing technique?

Generally, achieving the right handwashing technique isn’t entirely difficult because all it involves is a few elements and a bit of awareness. If you want to know about optimal hand washing routines, here are the critical factors that you need to watch out for and keep in mind: 


  • An adequate amount of soap
  • The right kind of step-by-step rubbing and scrubbing process
  • Thorough rinsing under running water


How can you improve the way you wash your hands?

It may seem like there’s nothing else that you can do to improve your handwashing regimen because it’s a fairly rudimentary process without much complexity. Yet, it’s worth noting that there are a handful of different improvements that can be made to the handwashing process, such as:

  • Cover cuts and other wounds on your hands with bandages to avoid the heightened risk of infections and additional bacteria.
  • Avoiding as much contact as possible (such as hugs, handshakes, and other similar gestures) to completely prevent the possibility of transmitting COVID-19.
  • Investing in commercial cleaning solutions—such as those provided by Cleanrite Services—that can keep your establishment clean to ensure that you can wash your hands worry-free.



Although it may seem simple, washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to keep your commercial, industrial, or office area COVID-19-free at all times without worrying about additional risks. With this guide’s help, you’ll be able to maintain the right mindset when it comes to keeping yourself, your facilities, and your employees as safe as possible at little-to-no-cost!

If you’re looking for a professional cleaning company that offers affordable office cleaning in Medicine Hat, AB, Cleanrite Services has got you covered. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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